What to Do When Locking Your Car Keys in The Car

Are you locked out of your car in Etobicoke?

Do you feel foolish staring through your window at the car keys you left on your driver’s seat?

You shouldn’t.

Getting locked out of your car is normal, and it can happen even to the best of us.

In fact, it’s a common concern many car owners face from time to time.

If you’re already in the unfortunate situation of being locked out, there are few things you can do to gain entry to your car.

Below, we’ll discuss our expert tips on what to do when locking your car keys in the car.

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Keep your cool

We understand that locking yourself out of the car can be frustrating and stressful.

Especially when it happens at the worst time, you would even be tempted to break your window and head off to where you need to be.

While panic and anger are normal emotions to feel at the moment, you need to clear your mind and stay calm.

Keeping your cool can help you think about what to do next.

After all, this isn’t a hopeless case.

You can try a few more things before resorting to desperate measures.

Double-check your car doors and windows

It’s unlikely, but there’s still a possibility that at least one of your doors is unlocked.

Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to look around your car and check your doors.

If no door is unlocked, maybe you’ll be lucky that a window is down.

You can take advantage of an open window by reaching your hand into it and unlocking your door from the inside.

Remember where you left a spare car key

If you’re the type of person who always has a backup for everything, you may have duplicated your car keys and left it somewhere hidden.

If so, now is the time to check in on that hiding place and use your spare keys.

You may have also entrusted your spare key to a close friend, family member, or neighbor.

If you did, you can try to ask them to come to you and provide aid.

Of course, this solution wouldn’t be suitable if you’re locked out late.

You wouldn’t want to bother them in their sleep, just to give you your car keys, right?

DIY unlock your car door

If you ran out of options on what to do when locking your car keys in the car, you can try to unlock your door by yourself.

One of the most common courses of action to unlock your door is to pick your locks.

If you have lock picking abilities, you can put that to action, so you can gain entry to your car.

Also, if you’re more experienced in unlocking a car door without a key and you have the tools to do so, you can employ them as well.

One popular trick is to insert a blood pressure cuff on the side of your door to create a gap.

And then, you can use something slim, long, and durable to unlock your door or reach for your car keys.

These DIY car unlocking methods can be suspicious, especially from other people’s point of view.

They can also potentially damage your car and put your car security at risk.

In that case, you’ll need a car repair service which could be expensive.

Contact your trusted locksmith in Etobicoke

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