Spare Key Production

Have you ever been locked out of your car?

Did you think at that moment, while you were frustratingly waiting outside your vehicle, “I should’ve kept a spare key with me”?

If you’ve already experienced a car lockout situation, we hope you’re not making the same mistake of not having a backup key.

At Etobicoke Auto Locksmith, we offer car key cutting, replacement, and duplication.

We also carry out a wide range of auto locksmith solutions, such as key fob programming and emergency car lockout services.

If you need professional help in securing your car from theft, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team.

Book an appointment with us in Etobicoke today!

Why You Need To Have a Spare Car Key

Losing your car or locking it inside your car can throw off your mood.

Not to mention, it can also throw off your plans for the day.

This is one of the reasons why you need to keep a spare car key.

When you have a key duplicate, you wouldn’t have to worry when you get locked out of your car.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a backup key in case you lost or locked in your original key.

Additionally, owning a spare key can also be a time-saver.

If you’re running late for work, and you can’t locate your original key, you could just grab your spare one and off you go.

More importantly, keeping a spare car key is also a preventive measure against theft.

If you accidentally lost your key and the wrong person has acquired it, it’s only a matter of time before your car gets broken into and stolen.

But, if you have a spare key, you can use it to drive your car to the nearest locksmith for rekeying and locksmith security solutions.

When Do You Need To Duplicate Your Keys?

One instance wherein you need to duplicate your key is when you want to give other people access to your car.

For example, if you’re sharing your vehicle with other family members, then you need to give them a copy of your car keys.

Also, you need to have your car key copied if you want a backup in case of an emergency.

When you purchase a car in Etobicoke, you may or may not get a spare car key.

That’s because not all car manufacturers provide an extra set of keys for the car.

Thus, if you’re not given with such, you should call your local auto locksmith for a car key duplication service.

Whether you’re using a traditional car key, a remote key fob, or a combination of both, expert locksmiths can provide you with a flawless duplicate.

We can also program your duplicate key fob, so you can put it to use when you need it.

How are Spare Keys Made?

Spare key production of both traditional and car key fob is pretty straightforward.

If you have the traditional physical car key, the process is similar to when you have your house keys duplicated.

Your locksmith will use the original key as a guide in creating the same grooves on a blank key.

This process requires a good deal of meticulousness, though.

Every groove on your key needs to be exactly as the original for your key to work flawlessly.

On the other hand, if you own a car key fob, you will need an unprogrammed car remote.

Duplicating this blank key fob entails key fob programming and communication with the original remote.

If you have no idea how the entire process works, we recommend that you leave the job to auto locksmiths.

Experienced locksmiths have duplicated a lot of car keys throughout their years of service.

Thus, they know what they need to do to fabricate the perfect copy of each original key.

Reliable Car Key Duplication and Replacement Services in Etobicoke

Do you need reliable auto locksmith services in Etobicoke?

Worry no more, because we have the best team of lock experts for you.

At Etobicoke Auto Locksmith, we have expert technicians who are dedicated to providing you with reliable car security.

Regardless of whether you have a traditional key or a remote car key, we can handle duplication and replacement services.

We can also execute your key fob programming tasks for you.

We’re just a call away.

Book with us anytime for efficient and prompt car locksmith response in Etobicoke.

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