How To Remove A Car Lock

It can be very inconvenient and time-consuming to get a car door jammed in a locked position.

And this may take place for several reasons, most of which are outside the reach of the car owner.

When you have a problem with your car lock, either your car key may have an issue or the door lock mount.

The lock can appear to be damaged from the outside, but it must be repaired from the inside.

Once the car lock is stuck up in the lock position, start inspecting what causes the problem.

Determining the solution of your car lock depends if the door is locked and will not open or its lock but won’t shut.

Therefore, the first important thing to repair or replace your car lock is removing it.

This is very simple and you only need a screwdriver and a couple of pliers to do the job.

Before taking either of these measures, make sure you have a good understanding of what you’re doing.

Always make sure that you are in a comfortable environment before attempting these DIY steps.

After all, rushing could cause damage to your vehicle, resulting in expensive repairs!

However, these procedures are only useful for primary operations. If this method doesn’t work, you’ll need to hire an automotive mechanic.

If you are unable to lend a helping hand, our expert auto locksmiths in Etobicoke are ready to repair, remove, or replace your car locks right on the spot.

Basic Guide Of Removing A Car Lock

Door Panel and Handle Removal

Take off the armrest first from your door with the door open or from the interior of the car using the screwdriver.

If your door panel has a built-in speaker, you’ll have to uninstall them as well.

You’ll still have to detach the entire door panel, which can be handled with caution.

Plastic clips are often used to protect the door panel, which may quickly crack.

Both screws that hold the door handle in place should be visible at this moment.

Loosen the screws with a screwdriver and plastic clips that lock the door handle with pliers.

The interior of the door handle can be released by turning the clip.

Taking Out the Door Handle and Lock Attachment

Once you’ve finished these procedures, you’ll need to remove the door handle set.

To do so, you must first find and isolate the rod inside the locking hub.

And look for the two bolts that tie the door handle assembly in position.

Lastly, detach the door handle set out from the door by opening the clip.

At the moment, your door lock should be extracted and the door is now open.

Replace or Install a new Door Carlock

If you want to change your defective door car lock into a new lock, this procedure should be done now.

The replacement process must be followed in reverse.

The lock core mostly with clips must be secured and the new core placed in the latch.

Then the door handle can be connected and the rod must be connected again.

The bolts must be attached again and the rod must be fixed into the center core of the lock.

You can mount the door handle and attach it with a plastic clip after completion of this phase.

After this, connect and tighten the door handle, panel, speaker covers as well as an armrest to the door with the screwdriver.

If you want to repair or upgrade your car’s door lock, you can tell that it’s a simple procedure that takes little time and effort.

You should now have a working door lock on your car after completing these procedures.


Your car locks are susceptible to a variety of problems. They can become clogged, rusted, or worn out.

These things might happen to every portion of the car door lock, to the point at which you insert the key into the inner lock cylinder chamber.

If you find that every part of your car lock isn’t working properly, Etobicoke Auto Locksmith is ready to come to you for assistance.

Our professional automotive locksmiths are nearby if you need us to repair, removing, or replacing your car locks.

Contact us today when you’re unsure if your car locks can be fixed or must be removed entirely.

Our nearest car lock mechanic will come straight by to assess the situation for you, telling you exactly if the lock can be repaired or whether it must be replaced entirely.

Call us today for specialist car lock installation and maintenance services for your vehicle.

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