Guide To Remote Car Key Starting

Keyless entry systems are widely used in modern cars.

This provides car owners the convenience of not needing to insert a physical key to unlock their car door.

Rather, you just need to press the unlock button on your car key fob, and all your car doors will automatically unlock at once.

Besides quick and keyless entry to your car, you can also start your car’s ignition in the same manner.

If you’re a car owner in Etobicoke who wants to go keyless, here’s our guide to remote car key starting to help you with.

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What’s a Remote Car Key Start and How Does It Work?

A remote car key start allows you to start your vehicle remotely.

In other words, it lets you activate your car’s ignition and other settings even if you’re not inside it yet.

Thus, even if you’re still inside your house or office, you can already set your desired car temperature and start your car.

This tool is especially helpful during freezing or warm months.

No need to insert a physical car key or manually adjust your cooling and heating systems.

With a reliable remote car key start, you just need to press your remote, walk into your car and drive to wherever you need to.

While the operation seems fairly easy, the mechanisms behind how this remote starting system works are complicated.

The Remote Starter and Car Key Fob

A remote start system is composed of two main parts.

The first one is the remote starter, which is the receiving end.

This small device is found inside your car, connected to the ignition switch and a variety of wires.

The remote starter needs to be properly installed and connected to the complete wiring system to be able to start your car remotely.

On the other hand, the second component of a remote start system is the remote or transmitter.

This is the portable remote key that you will use to activate your car’s ignition.

For these two components to send signals to each other, you must be within the specified range of your remote starter.

Car Remote Starter System Installation

Since a remote start system only has two parts, you’d think it would be easy to install one.

On the contrary, it requires a great deal of attention to detail.

How you install the system is a determinant of your remote start system’s operation.

If you make at least one error in the installation process, you could already cause major damage to your car.

That’s why it would be best to let professional installers do their job.

Experienced locksmiths have the expertise and knowledge to correctly and efficiently install your remote start system.

Remote Start System Security Measures

What happens then when you press the button to start your car?

Does that mean that your door opens as well?

Can someone enter your car and drive it away?

The answer to the last two questions is no.

A car remote starter system is highly secure.

It actually locks the car doors after you start your vehicle, so no one can enter.

Also, after you activate your engine remotely, you still need to do a couple more steps to be able to drive your car.

After entering your vehicle, you need to insert your physical car key and activate the ignition.

For modern cars with push-to-start ignitions, you’ll need your key fob to be inside your car for the engine to start.

Without doing this step, you won’t be able to shift into gear.

So, even if someone was able to access your car, they won’t be able to go somewhere without the key to the ignition.

Your remote start system will also turn off your engine after some time.

Have a Professional Install Your Remote Car Start System

This guide to remote car key starting should be enough to help you understand the basics of a remote car start system.

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