What To Do When Car Keys doesn’t Turn in Ignition

Have you ever been into a situation wherein you tried to start your car engine, but, your keys won’t just let your ignition turn on?

Worry no more! As we have the very solution to your problems.

There are several reasons why the keys won’t let your ignition work, such as:

  • If the gear is not “parked” or “in neutral”
  • If the steering wheel is locked
  • If the battery is dead,
  • If the ignition cylinder is damaged
  • If the key is broken and dented

But just as there are many reasons why it won’t turn in, there are also numerous ways to make it work on our own.

Before informing any car locksmiths about what’s going on with the vehicle, we can try these simple ways to ignite the engine.

Set it into parking gear

Some automatic vehicles do not allow the key to turning the ignition if the car gear is not “park” or “neutral.”

Therefore, we must try to double-check this first before trying it again.

Twist or wiggle the steering wheel to unlock the ignition.

Most of the automatic vehicle’s steering wheel is designed to lockout once the engine is off or when we remove the key.

In this case, you can try slowly twisting or wiggling the steering wheel back and forth while also turning the keys gently and see if the engine will start working already.

Double-check if the battery is dead.

Most often than not, the ignition system depends on the battery’s power to function correctly.

Because If there’s something wrong with the engine’s battery or, worst, if it dies, then it will indeed cause the ignition system to lock up.

But of course, just like any other problem, there is always a way out of this.

One of the most recommendable things to do when we are in this situation is to wait for a jumpstart or install a new battery.

We can also try to tap the cylinder with a tack hammer gently.

Make use of the engine’s spare key.

Car keys, as we all know can sometimes have dents and scratches over the years, especially if it is already overused, which can become one of the many reasons why the ignition won’t work.

Now, we are aware that every car will always have a spare key in it.

Hence, we can also maximize the use of it.

Spray a silicon-based spray on the key lock.

If setting the gear into park or neutral, wiggling the steering wheel gently while turning the keys, or using the engine’s spare key still hasn’t fixed your problems with the engine’s ignition.

Then, why not try using some lock lubricant, preferably a silicon-based one, into the door lock or the ignition?

There are a lot of brands to choose from on Amazon.

We can try to open the app and look for one that will give us the best deal.

However, we must also keep in mind that not all products are recommendable, especially graphite or oil-based lubricant.

Though both graphite and oil-based work the same in solving the problem.

However, oils can accumulate more dirt, while graphite will gunk up over time.

Hire an Automotive Locksmith to fix it.

If all solutions mentioned above still didn’t work, then this might be our very last resort.

When the car keys don’t turn the ignition after trying all the possible “do-it-yourself” steps, this is probably the best time for us to ask for help.

Etobicoke Automotive Locksmith is your best choice in times like this.

One of the main advantages of hiring the best automotive locksmith in Etobicoke to fix our ignition is because they will come to our exact location to do the job.

And with that being said, it would save us the hassle of having our car towed and the frustration of paying a huge amount of money because of that.

Etobicoke Automotive Locksmith operates 24/7 and will be there at the location within just 15 minutes!

Calling Etobicoke Automotive Locksmith is not only there for us to avoid all the hustle we’ll be experiencing, given this kind of situation.

It is also for us to avoid paying the costly prices of any towing services.

Hence, we need not to fret. We only need to call the best.

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