Types of Car Keys

Devices and technologies are getting more high-tech as the world becomes more interactive.

Car keys, too, have advanced in technology and have a variety of features.

Therefore, there are several different models of cars today that have their range of improvements such as the keys used.

But for the majority of the automobile’s existence, anything from starting the ignition to opening the trunk was done with a simple mechanical key.

While there can be a confusing number of choices, several modern car keys belong under one of the following four classifications.

The good thing is all these kinds of keys can be replaced by a professional auto locksmith even though you lost the original keys.

Furthermore, as a car owner, you must be familiar with the types of car keys you have especially if you lose them by mistake.

This will assist you in determining which kind of car key to replace the one you’ve misplaced.

The transponder key may stop working, the key may break when switching ignition, or your keys may have been stolen or misplaced.

Knowing what type of key you have can help you budget for key replacement if you lose, steal, or break it.

In some cases, you will require a replacement for your car keys.

Etobicoke Auto Locksmith is ready to update, patch, replace, cut keys, recover keys, program fob, and many more.

Our mission is to make various locksmith solutions to satisfy customers.

Different Forms of Car Keys

The Most Basic Mechanically Cut Automobile Key

Mechanically-cut car keys are the most traditional and earliest kind of car keys, and they are made using the simplest equipment and machinery.

Mechanical keys are also the most basic and easy to copy which grooves and outlines are cut from one side only.

Unfortunately, since they are so easily reproduced, they have been the most likely to be hacked and duplicated by a third party.

And every kind of keyhole or lock may be modified to match mechanical keys.

Common key duplicators, such as those hardware stores, could be used to quickly duplicate a mechanically manufactured key.

A metal cutting machine essentially copies the outline of the key and engraves a new piece of metal.

While there are some factual errors in the procedure, expert auto locksmiths in Etobicoke have it mastered perfectly.

Car Key with Transponder Code

Transponder car keys with codes are the new trend for the auto locksmith industry.

Despite manually cut buttons, an increasing number of people are buying and using vehicles that come fitted with transponder keys.

These keys can’t be made on a metal cutting machine, since they don’t have a space to match into.

Transponder keys have a microchip that enables the car to open once the key is nearby.

The keyholder still uses the key to start the engine; if the key is not visible, the car will not start.

Since each transponder key is coded to respond to the special code of each vehicle, duplicating or replacing them without the proper equipment can be difficult.

Transponder devices are readily accessible, and a skilled locksmith can replicate a transponder key in minutes.

The computer contacts a set of codes issued by the major automakers.

When the codes are matched, a new microchip can be manufactured and installed in a suited key replacement.

Laser Cut Car Keys

The laser-cut key and mechanical cut key are similar in appearance but more precise and sophisticated which increases their security efficiency.

Laser-cut buttons, also classified as sidewinder keys, contain ridges and shapes cut into both ends, making them more complicated to replicate.

To replicate laser cut keys, advanced machinery is required.

Therefore, expert locksmiths are using an internal cutting system to precisely cut all sides of the shank, resulting in a one-of-a-kind key that cannot be duplicated.

Car Keys With Fob

A car key with a fob is similar to a transponder key, except with the transponder part split into its device.

There are some different types of auto key fobs. The most popular is the comfort add-on fob, which includes both a mechanical key and a fob with a remote.

Standard key fobs are affordable and simple to reprogram by automobile locksmiths.

Before thinking that your fob is broken, check to see if the battery is still working. In severe circumstances, radio disruption can cause a fob to stop working.


A wide range of main car key styles is already in use.

Basic mechanical alternatives are still widely available, but newer vehicles come standard with upgraded security features.

A good automobile locksmith must stay on top of the entire industry and its ever-changing trends.

Etobicoke Auto Locksmith is here to assist you. Our expert auto locksmith technicians are prepared to assist you to get back on track as fast as possible.

Regardless of where you are in Etobicoke or what kind of auto locksmith you have.

Our specialists have unlimited access to the most cutting-edge automotive key technology and facilities.

As a result, they are willing to provide you with the best possible service.

When an unexpected situation takes place contact Etobicoke Auto Locksmith right away!

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