Replacing Car Door Locks Cylinders

To have reliable car security, every component of your locking system needs to be in good shape.

In other words, all parts of your lock hardware must work perfectly for the entire system to function.

One vital component of your car door locks is the cylinder.

This is the section where you insert your key to lock and unlock your door.

So, if you have any problem with your lock cylinder, you may be unable to unlock your car and open the door.

Continue reading below if you want to learn about lock cylinder problems and services you can avail yourself of.

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Indications that You Have a Problematic Door Lock Cylinder

Do you find it hard to unlock your door?

Does your key often get stuck?

Is it difficult to turn your key while it’s inside the lock?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you might have a problem with the door lock cylinder in your car.

Issue locking and unlocking the door lock.

Suppose your key is in perfectly good condition, without any chip or anything.

But, you’re having trouble locking or unlocking your door.

In this case, the problem probably lies in the lock cylinder.

If this hardware is old and overused, it may be the reason why you struggle to unlock your door.

The key does not turn inside the lock tumbler

Another indicator that your lock cylinder has a problem is if you cannot turn your car key while it’s inside.

This can be a structural problem with the cylinder’s teeth, which need to match the grooves in your key.

If you have worn-out gear, the cylinder it may find it difficult to receive the key, thus explaining why your key does not turn.

Jammed key in the lock cylinder

Also, another sign that you have a faulty lock cylinder is when your key often gets jammed inside.

To put it another way, whenever you use your car key and insert it in the tumbler, your key gets stuck.

This makes locking and unlocking your door inconvenient.

Instead of just inserting the key, turning the lock, and remove the key, you have to keep turning the lock to free the key from the tumbler.

When to Replace Car Door Locks Cylinders

No matter what indicator your car lock cylinder shows, the problem is still the same: you’ll have trouble locking and unlocking your car door.

Moreover, your lock cylinder will eventually give out in the long run.

When that time comes, you can get locked out of your car.

So, what you need to do is fix or replace your lock cylinder, whichever is more practical and effective.

Repairing car door locks cylinders is more common if this particular hardware is loose.

In that case, you need a screwdriver to tighten the screws of your lock tumbler.

On the other hand, replacing car door locks cylinders is usually the more viable course of action.

How To Replace Car Lock Cylinders

The entire process of replacing a lock cylinder is pretty straightforward.

First, unscrew the main screws mounting your lock.

You can then release the existing lock cylinder by pushing the hardware out.

Once you’ve separated the cylinder from the system, you need to measure it, so you can buy the right replacement.

After you purchased a new lock cylinder, you can then insert it and then try its locking and unlocking mechanism.

If you think that your lock cylinder works well, fasten the main screws back, and your car door lock is good as new.

Professional Car Door Lock Cylinder Replacement in Etobicoke

Lock cylinder replacement seems simple.

But, you need skills, knowledge, and the right tools to carry out the task correctly and efficiently.

Without locksmith expertise and equipment, you could cause more damage to your car’s door lock than you already have.

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