How to Remove A Broken Car Key

Have you ever experienced breaking a car key?

It happens way too much, and even right in your car’s ignition lock!

Your car key can fall off in the lock after several years of use.

When this occurs, the lock becomes unusable before the damaged piece is removed.

You won’t be able to unlock your car if the key snapped when it was still closed therefore you need a new replacement key.

Having a broken key in the ignition sounds like a total failure, but in most situations, you can save money and fix the problem yourself with only a few basic tools.

And if the key is in two parts, a car locksmith may make a replacement until the missing component is removed from the lock cylinder.

If you’re having trouble with your key to turn on your ignition, make one of Etobicoke Auto Locksmith handheld mechanics check it.

Extraction of Car Keys

The method of extracting a car key is much easier than it seems.

However, the operation at the issue would be determined by the condition of the car key that has been broken inside the cylinder lock.

If you are not an expert, you should try a few methods to remove a broken key on your own.

When working with a car key sticking in the ignition, it’s best to entrust the job to a reputable and experienced auto locksmith.

If you entrust this vital job to an unskilled person, you execute the risk of destroying your ignition cylinder or car lock.

A car key extraction is usually necessary when a key breaks off in a car door lock.

With a few minor displacements, the extraction methods for these are identical, so we’ll take you through the basic steps so you know what to expect.

The Process of Extracting a Broken Car Key

When keys break within the cylinder lock, the shaft and head of the key usually break snapped.

A key extractor tool or a broken key extraction device can be used by the auto locksmith to handle a car key extraction.

These strategies achieve the same purpose, but they vary in small ways in how they are applied.

An extraction tool used to retrieve the broken car key is inserted towards the lock to grab and slip out the broken key.

Our local Etobicoke auto locksmith can lubricate the lock before beginning the procedure to ensure that it can be easily removed.

And prevent any damage to the locking mechanism during the extraction process.

It’s essential to know where the key is so it doesn’t get pulled further down into the cylinder.

The extractor tool works by grabbing the broken key’s snipping and turning it so that it slips out of the extractor device’s motion.

Spiral extractors, pliers, and a hemostat are normally included in a broken key extractor kit set.

The locksmith would require access to a similar key that would work partly into its ignition or the door lock to operate the extractor kit properly.

The spiral extractors must be led through the keyway to be as close to the damaged key piece as possible.

This method should be taken with care to avoid pushing the fractured key piece farther out.

When the spiral extractor comes in contact with the broken key object, the locksmith will softly rotate each spiral extractor clockwise.

The guiding key is then withdrawn, and the spiral extractors are wrapped around each other before being softly pulled out.

The key piece can be pulled out by the spiral extractor when it is extracted. This must be performed carefully to ensure that the key is correctly extracted.

When the broken key shaft is partly out of the keyway, the locksmith will softly take the remainder of the key out with pliers and a hemostat.

Call a Professional Auto Locksmith for Best Solutions

When you attempt to DIY in these cases, you risk adding to the problem. And if that happens, you’ll have no choice but to contact an expert!

And if you excel on your own, the fact that the ignition could be unreliable or that you are already stuck without a key does not improve.

This is where you needed a certified car locksmith.

An auto locksmith in Etobicoke arrives and resolves the car key issues on the spot.

With our years of experience dealing with all types of vehicles and keys, you can rely on your Etobicoke Auto Locksmith neighborhood to:

  • Take out broken keys from the ignition.
  • Remove some stuck keys.
  • If the other keys are missing or destroyed, cut replacement keys.
  • Transponder key programming

Our auto locksmith service takes pride in providing on-the-spot repairs and swift performance. We also have after-hours support if your keys malfunction after work!

Give us a call or visit our website right now to repair or replace your broken car keys.

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