Broken Car Key Copying Questions

A car key may be small, but it’s an essential tool that allows you to open and start your car.

Without it, you wouldn’t be able to drive your car to work or anywhere.

Likewise, it would be impossible for you to take your car off if you have a broken car key.

In case your car key is not in its best condition, you’re much like in a car lockout situation.

What you need to do is to call your local locksmith for a car key replacement.

Can locksmiths replace a broken car key though?

Can they duplicate a car key even if it has broken into pieces?

All these broken car key copying questions will be answered in these articles.

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Should you repair or replace a damaged car key?

There are many ways a car key can be broken.

When it’s chipped and the grooves are damaged, your key is considered broken and unusable.

Also, the same is true when your key breaks apart.

Regardless of what happened to your key, if it’s not in its perfect shape, it won’t function properly and you can’t enter your car.

So, can a broken car key still be remediated, or do you need to replace it already?

Locksmiths don’t recommend fixing broken keys.

That’s because it won’t be durable anymore.

There’s a risk that your keys will snap for a second time.

Instead, you should just take your shattered key to a locksmith, so they can replace it with a new one.

Can you copy a broken car key?

Our expert locksmiths are trained to do a wide range of key and lock-related services.

We have the capability and skills to copy a broken car key.

By this, we mean that we can make an exact copy of your key, even if it has already snapped into two.

In fact, we could even make a car key replacement for you, even without the original key.

That’s how skilled and experienced our technicians are in auto locksmith services.

How much does duplicating a broken car key cost?

Spare key production is fairly cheap for a traditional key.

The price range may vary, though, depending on a few factors.

This includes the blank key replacement, car key programming (if you own a key fob), and the service itself.

But, if you take a broken key for a copying service, the price would pretty much be the same as a standard key copying.

However, some locksmiths may raise the price by a few cents, considering that duplicating a broken car key is more complicated than copying a key in one piece.

Where should you go for a broken car key copying service?

If you need a broken car key copying service in Etobicoke, you should go to an expert locksmith.

That’s because every key needs to be in mint condition for it to be compatible with its lock.

And professional locksmiths don’t make any mistakes when it comes to key copying and replacement services.

They are extremely meticulous and pays a lot of attention to detail.

Moreover, they also always strive to fabricate high-quality keys.

This guarantees their clients that their keys will not break easily and will last for many years.

Don’t be tempted to go to a non-professional locksmith who offers cheap broken car key copying services.

You may initially pay less, but you can suffer many issues in the future, such as getting locked out of your car or having a broken key due to poor quality.

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